Where to Warm Up During New York’s Cold Winter Months

Where to Warm Up During New York’s Cold Winter Months

Although New York is beautiful during the winter, the city can also get uncomfortably cold – especially during a snow storm. So, what can you do to stay warm during these cold, wintry days and nights?


NYC Bars with Fireplaces

What better way is there to warm yourself after a long, cold walk in the snow than in a cozy bar with a fireplace?

Throughout the city, there are multiple spots where you can watch the snow drip down the windows while enjoying the warmth and cozy vibes of a classic fireplace.

One place in particular you should check out is the Black Mountain Wine House in Brooklyn.

The cute wooden cabin will make you feel like you’re going back in time. While you’re warming your hands at the fireplace, you can enjoy one of the various cheeses with some good wine. Another awesome spot to visit is The Flatiron Room.

The whiskey-specialized venue offers live music, quality food and over 1,000 spirits to make you feel warm inside.


Best Places for Hot Chocolate in NYC

If you’re not in the mood to drink alcohol, you can get the ultimate winter vibes by enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate instead. One of the many good things about New York is its many chocolate bars. Max Brenner’s is a favorite of many.

The Greenwich Village chocolate bar offers a broad selection in unique flavors, such as marshmallow, Oreo and peanut butter, in addition to its original hot cocoa.

The Chocolate Room and Jacques Torres Chocolate definitely are places to check out as well, as both bars offer interesting varieties to classic hot chocolate.


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It’s a common thing that during the cold season, you’re more likely to spend money.

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