Make the Most of Your Friendsgiving Dinner with Provident Loan

Make the Most of Your Friendsgiving Dinner with Provident Loan

Everyone knows about Thanksgiving, the holiday where you bond with your relatives by enjoying your favorite food together. But why stop at dinner with family when you can celebrate with your friends as well? The tradition of Friendsgiving, a mix of ‘friends’ and ‘Thanksgiving’, has been increasing in popularity over the past years. After all, friends and food are some of the best things in the world.

Thanksgiving + Friends = Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is usually celebrated shortly after Thanksgiving. A few days after the traditional dinner with family, you come together with your closest friends. Everyone brings their favorite dishes and you toast together to a great meal and a great friendship.

There’s only one thing that can ruin your appetite. After spending your money on Thanksgiving, how will you be able to put together a sufficient meal for Friendsgiving as well? If you’re lucky, you can take some of the leftovers from the family dinner,. That said, you also want to show your friends how much you appreciate them by serving them something special.

Quick Extra Cash for an Extraordinary Meal

Luckily, lending organization Provident Loan Society is there to help you. You can lend up to $100,000 in cash in exchange for collateral. Since Provident Loan is a not-for-profit organization, the interest rates are much lower than their for-profit competitors.

The process is fast and simple. You bring your collateral to one of the organization’s  five offices throughout the different neighborhoods of New York City. Provident Loan accepts collateral in the form of gold, jewelry, fine watches and gold coins. Within ten minutes, you walk out with enough cash to put together a meal that will impress all of your friends. Now all you have to do yourself is put your cooking skills to the test…

Happy Friendsgiving!

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