It Pays to Declutter Your Home – Provident Loan Society

It Pays to Declutter Your Home – Provident Loan Society

By Amanda Anderson

There might be money in your attic and you don’t even know it.

Maybe you have old pieces of jewelry in the attic or silverware in the junk drawer. According to a survey done by Squarefoot, 91 percent of respondents have unwanted items but they feel too guilty to get rid of them.

Money might alleviate that guilt.

Make Money from Your Clutter

If you do find jewelry and need some extra cash, a collateral loan could be an option in the New Year.

Of course, not all jewelry is valuable. And what glitters isn’t always gold.

The chief appraiser of Provident Loan Society of New York, Anthony LoRe, told PIX 11 that New Yorkers frequently bring in jewelry for a loan, only to find out it’s fake.

Pawn Your Unwanted Jewelry

Provident Loan Society is the only nonprofit pawnshop in America. The collateral lender is a reliable and secure lending organization with well-established ties to New York City.

Established pawn shops with strong connections and multiple locations tend to be more financially stable than smaller pawn shops, and can offer you more money for your jewelry.

Provident Loan Society provides instant cash loans up to $100,000 for gold, jewelry, fine watches and silverware.

Simply bring your gold and jewelry to one of their five convenient New York City locations, and the items will be appraised on the spot. There is no cost for the appraisal. If you’re not satisfied with the proposed loan amount, you’re under no obligation to go through with the transaction.

If you do decide to complete the process, you’ll need to present an I.D. and sign a card acknowledging the transfer of the item’s ownership. The entire process typically takes less than 20 minutes.

In case you’re riddled with guilt and regret after pawning your item(s), you can always hop in one of their locations in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens and get your item back for no early redemption fee with just 24 hours notice.

About the Author
Amanda Anderson is a North Carolina native, studying international business in the Netherlands. She currently lives in New York. All of the views and opinions expressed in this article are her own.

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