How Your Old Watch Can Help You Afford Your NYC Apartment

How Your Old Watch Can Help You Afford Your NYC Apartment

Many young people dream of their own apartment in New York City.

With beautiful views of the skyline, the best restaurants and bars on every street corner and interesting people all around you, it makes sense that The Big Apple is a popular place to live for millennials.

Unfortunately, living in this fancy city comes at a price: the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is no less than $3,100 a month.

Between buying food and struggling to pay off your student debt, how can you afford the high cost of living in NYC if you’re just starting your career?

Exchange Your Old Items for Instant Cash with Provident Loan Society

As surprising as this may sound, you might want to look into the boxes filled with old stuff in your attic.

You could end up stumbling upon some expensive watch you haven’t looked at in years, or that diamond necklace you inherited from your grandma and completely forgot about. What if there was a way to exchange these old items for quick cash to help pay your rent for this month?

Provident Loan Society is a not-for-profit lending organization that provides instant cash in exchange for collateral. The organization accepts collateral in the form of gold and diamond jewelry, fine watches, gold coins and silverware.

The process is fast and simple. You bring your old watch or your grandma’s necklace to one of their five offices throughout the different boroughs of New York City and within 20 minutes, you’ll walk out of the door with some quick extra cash.

Provident Loan offers loans for up to $100,000 – so you won’t have to worry about how to pay your rent for a while.


Why Provident Loan Society?

As a not-for-profit lending organization, applying for a loan at Provident Loan Society is remarkably cheaper than applying for one at her for-profit competitors.

The organization offers loans at an annual interest rate as low as 26 percent, as opposed to the 48 percent annual interest rate of a loan at a traditional pawnshop.

Contrary to most pawn shops, Provident Loan charges no installment fees either. Anyone can take up a loan at Provident Loan, regardless of your credit score.

In addition, no payments are required for up to six months. If you choose not to pay back your loan, the collateral will be sold at one of their auctions.

The amount realized at this auction, will be returned to you as well – making it even easier to pay the rent for your apartment in NYC!

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