How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a Budget

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a Budget


The end of the year is getting closer. Maybe you’ve already made your New Year’s Resolutions and bought a special champagne for the occasion. Now, the only question is: where are you going to celebrate the start of 2019?

This is New York, so there will be more than enough fancy parties to attend. But they do come with a price tag, of up to $997,00 for a ball drop party or $3,700 for a table at an exclusive club. And all of this after you’ve generously spent most of your money on the holidays…

That said, it definitely is possible to make the end of 2018 both memorable and affordable. You just have to know where and how.

Watching the Ball Drop at Times Square

One of the most popular ways to spend New Year’s Eve is free: every year more than a million people gather together at Times Square to watch the famous ball drop, starting at 11:59 PM until 12:00 AM. You just have to make sure to get there in time: after 4:00 PM, it will likely be impossible to save yourself a good spot, since the streets will be blocked and the place will be packed with people who want to cross this unique experience off their bucket list.

Breathtaking Fireworks in Brooklyn

If you don’t want to spend 12 hours packed in the cold at Times Square, you can still enjoy the free firework show in Prospect Park, Brooklyn instead. The free event comes with live music and an amazing firework show starting at midnight. Thousands of visitors gather together each year to end the year in a memorable way.

Affordable Parties

Ending 2018 with a spectacular party doesn’t have to leave you starting 2019 with an empty wallet. There are lots of budget-friendly parties in the city. One of the popular options is this lovely cocktail spot in Alphabet City called The Wayland: for only $10 you can enjoy live music from 9:00 PM till midnight. You should also check out one of the parties in the other boroughs instead, since they are generally a lot cheaper. For example, for only $20 you can attend the party at Woodland in Brooklyn.

Quick Extra Cash to Introduce the New Year

Short on cash? No worries! With the help of Provident Loan Society, you can still end the year with a bang. Provident Loan Society is a not-for-profit lending organization that provides instant cash up to 100,000 in exchange for collateral. All you have to do is bring your collateral to one of the organization’s five offices through the city. Within 20 minutes, you walk out with enough cash to start the new year in a good way. Happy 2019!

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Daphne Striekwold is studying International Business & Languages in the Netherlands.

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