How a Pawnshop Can Help You Make It Through the Government Shutdown

How a Pawnshop Can Help You Make It Through the Government Shutdown

A disagreement between President Trump and Congress, over the funding of a wall between the United States and Mexico, has led to the longest government shutdown in history. The worst part of the situation is that as long as this shutdown continues, thousands of federal government workers will not be getting paid. So far, 800,000 of federal workers have missed paychecks.

No one knows how long the shutdown will continue and when people will get their next paycheck– a difficult situation when the bills continue to add up. As a result, more and more federal workers are turning to an alternative option to pay the rent: they exchange their flat screen TV or their jewelry for a bit of extra money.

Provident Loan Society: A Cheaper Alternative for Federal Workers

Although pawn shops may seem like the most profitable option right now, in the long term it will generally cost you even more: the commercial lending organizations in the city are allowed to charge up to an annual 48 percent in interest. In addition, most pawn shops charge additional fees as well, such as ticket fees, installment fees and storage fees.

Lending organization Provident Loan Society offers a cheaper alternative for all federal workers that are in need of instant cash. As the only not-for-profit lending organization in New York City, Provident Loan is able to offer loans at typically half the interest rate of her for-profit competitors. In addition, the organization charges no installment fees and all of the fees are disclosed to you before the loan is made. This way, you won’t have to deal with the burden of paying unfairly high fees by the time you finally have your income back.

How to Apply for Instant Cash at Provident Loan Society

Anyone can take a loan at Provident Loan Society, even if you don’t have a very good credit score – the credit score isn’t taken into account. You are allowed to borrow up to $100,000 and you don’t have to pay it back until six months. By that time, the government should have come to an agreement and you’ll most likely get paid again.

Unlike the process of making a political decision in America, the process of taking a loan at Provident Loan Society is fast and easy. The lending organization accepts collateral in the form of gold and diamond jewelry, fine watches and silverware. All you have to do is bring your collateral to one of the organization’s five offices throughout the different boroughs of Manhattan, where the value is estimated and the total of fees is disclosed to you. Within twenty minutes, you’ll walk out of the door with enough cash to make this shutdown at least a little more bearable.

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