Out of State Loans

Loans by Mail

You can get easy loans by mail anywhere in the United States from Provident Loan. Call Toll Free 1-800-757-7296 or Contact the Provident Loan Society about out of state loans by mail for gold and jewelry. The Provident Loan Society makes gold and jewelry loans by mail to customers in the 50 United States (currency and customs consideration preclude business outside of this area). Pawn gold and jewelry online with Provident Loan.

Once you receive an estimate on your diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, gold coins (only for gold content), watches and silverware, Provident Loan Society will give you a quick and convenient instant out of state cash loan on that item. Apply online for a collateral loan on your gold and jewelry.

We have been in the business of secured cash loans on gold and jewelry since 1894, so you can be assured of our high safety and security standards. Simply call 1-800-757-7296 and you’re on your way. We look forward to hearing from you!

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