Free Appraisal Request

The Provident Loan Society is happy to offer you, our customers, a way to appraise their unknown items for FREE! If you would like a Free Assessment of Loan Value of your jewelry, fine watch or other acceptable collateral, please follow the instructions below.


This estimate comes with a “No Strings Attached” policy. Provident Loan DOES NOT:

  • Require a credit check; requesting this appraisal does not affect your credit in any way.
  • Require any Personal History or reason for request.
  • Solicit your business; no phone calls or mailing lists.
  • Share any personal information that you might submit in the process (i.e. name, email address, phone number, etc.)

You are under NO Obligation to make a loan with Provident Loan as a condition of your Free Appraisal Request.

Remember: We Are Here to Help!

For Faster Service, please call our Toll-Free Number:

1 – 800 – PLS – PAWN
(1 – 800 – 757 – 7296)

Please have the following at hand:

  1. The item(s) you wish to have appraised.
  2. Be ready to give a short (verbal) description of the item.
  3. Pen & Paper


– OR –


Complete your Free Appraisal Request On-line:

If you would like to submit your request via email, please follow the following steps:

  1. Take a photo of the item(s) you wish to be evaluated. Please make sure to include a Quarter/Coin in the photo for scale.
  2. Attach the photo of your item(s) to your email. Please attach as a .jpeg or PDF.
  3. Attach any documentation that might describe the item. (i.e. Insurance Appraisal or Gemological certificate, service records or purchasing receipts.) On these documents you may hide any names, address, numbers etc. if you wish.

Email Address:
Subject Line:       FAR / (your name)
Body – Indicate by which method you would like to receive your Free Appraisal Request. Via Phone* or Email. (A phone call is the most accurate and saves you time)

*If you would like to be contacted by phone please provide your phone number, and what time is best to get contact you.

If request is submitted by email, additional information may be requested to complete your Free Appraisal Request.

Please note that the information you receive is ONLY an estimate. All estimates are based on the information you supply. An EXACT loan amount is based on an actual physical inspection of the items.

Any Free Appraisal Requests submitted will be viewed and processed on the next business day. Further review may result in delayed availability of your request. If you need immediate assistance please call 1-800-757-7296 [Ext. 104] during business hours: 9 AM – 4 PM | Monday – Friday.


Q: What type of collateral does The Provident Loan Society accept
A: Gold and diamond jewelry, fine Swiss watches, gold coins and ingots, silverware (sterling silver, not silver plated), and loose diamonds (.50 CT or above). We do not accept silver jewelry unless item is manufactured by brand names. (i.e. Tiffany, Cartier, or similar.)

Q: Why is my loan value less than the appraised value?
A: Due to fluctuating market forces, only a percentage of replacement value is considered for a loan.

Q: How come an estimate amount may change when an item is brought/sent in?
A: An estimate is given based on the accuracy of the information you supply. Our Appraisers make an independent assessment when we have the item in front of us ­— it is possible that you can receive a higher loan amount.

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