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Provident loans cash for gold and diamond jewelry, gold coins, fine watches, and silverware, so if you are researching a loan or want to pawn your items online please use our free loan calculator to estimate your interest and fees.

This calculator is for estimate purposes only. Since we only collect interest for the exact the number of days you need, please don’t use this calculator to calculate payments. Call us. We’ll be happy to calculate the exact amount for you.

Simply enter the amount you would like to borrow against your collateral and the term of the loan in months, then click the “Calculate” button for your estimate.

Description Steps
Amount Borrowed
Simple Interest * Select State:
Loan Period (1 - 6 Months)
Selected State Annual Interest Rate
Interest at End of Period $  
Ticket Fee $  
Storage Fee $  
Amount Required to Redeem $  

Ticket Fees – $99 or less: $4.00 – $100 or greater: $7.00
Storage Fee – 2% of the amount borrowed, but not to exceed $50.00

*Pawn shop rates for states are based on current approximate values and are for comparison only.

The Provident Loan Society is offering instant cash loans on gold and gold jewelry.  To get your collateral loan, present or ship one gold ring or a number of diamond articles as security. There is NO application for these secured loans and each Provident Loan office is staffed with appraisers that will make every effort to complete your entire transaction quickly, usually within 15 to 20 minutes. Provident loan appraisals are FREE and you are under NO OBLIGATION to make the loan or to repay secured loans.

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