6 Month Interest Free Loan

CALL 1-800-PLS-PAWN (1-800-757-7296) for more details!

Loan Terms

Six month jewelry loan interest-free. Loan ticket & storage fees apply.

For the period after 6 months, loan defaults to the New York State legal rate of 48% per annum until your item is redeemed or sold at auction.

After 6 months, all loans are eligible for renewal at our standard loan terms for the first 6 months.

If the government shutdown is in effect when your loan is due, upon payment of ticket & storage fees, your loan will be eligible for another 6 months at 0% interest. Loan ticket & storage fees still apply.


This program is available to all federal government employees that were not paid due to the government shutdown. The following items must be furnished to be eligible:

  1. Federal Government Credentials (ID)
  2. Furlough Notice

*Provident Loan reserves the right to discontinue the program at its discretion.

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