Out of state loans by mail for gold and jewelry from the Provident Loan Society.

Compare interest rates

The Povident Loan Society of New York may offer lower interest rates than your own state! Use our State Interest Rate Comparison tool below to find out. Contact Provident Loan to get personal loans by mail.

*Pawn shop rates for states are based on current approximate values and are for comparison only.

Thinking of using another pawn shop? You may want to reconsider. Pawn shops often charge high interest rates, additional fees and give you a short loan period. At Provident Loan you can get a low interest collateral loan that doesn't have to be paid back for a full 6 months. We also offer fast cash for gold loans by mail.

Some benefits of getting quick cash and secured loans from Provident Loan Society of New York include:
• Quick Cash up to $100,000
• Longer Term Secured Loans
• NO Credit Check
• Lower Interest Charges
• No Installment Payments
• Collateral Sold at Public Jewelry Auctions
• Over a Century of Not-for-Profit Service

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